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Hello Again! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a newsletter out. Demand for dog training was intense during the pandemic with 1 in 5 households getting a new pet. I am just now catching my breath and I’m happy to be catching back up with you all!

I’m excited to bring you a new format with quick tips, observations on current trends, and insights into what I’m working on with my own dogs. For those of you who subscribe to my health coaching newsletter, First Thoughts, the format will be familiar.

What I wish everyone knew: Puppies need sleep as much or more than exercise! A tired puppy is not necessarily a good puppy. Tired puppies are like overtired toddlers: Cranky! And like toddlers, they don’t have enough sense to take naps unless you insist. 

My recommendation for baby puppies: at least 2 two-hour crate naps during the day plus a nap while you eat dinner plus an early bedtime. Your fingers will thank you because overtired puppies are bitey! 

Quote that I am pondering: “Dogs have boundless enthusiasm but no sense of shame. I should have a dog as a life coach.” – Moby.  You may also want a dog as your dog training coach! You’ll be most effective training if you bring your enthusiasm and a willingness to look foolish.

What I’m excited about: My new puppy! Wager is Cash’s grandson out of his daughter Leelu (DP’s Fifth Element) who was Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster Kennel Club in 2022. I got to meet Leelu when her owner flew out to stay with me for the big event. Leelu is a pretty girl with a goofy, happy attitude and a real drive to work and play, so I was excited to get one of her puppies. Wager stood out as the boy who made a ton of eye contact and loved his toys, things I like in a working dog. So far, he has been a sweet, fun puppy and I’m looking forward to our adventures together! He is pictured above, and in the video below.

What I am working on with my dogs: The Togetherness Project. Just like people, dogs grow up in a culture that gets handed down from one generation to the next, and the culture in my house has always been “we don’t share beds/bones/toys”. This started with my Rottweilers and I accepted it as normal, but it seems silly to have Vizslas who won’t share a bed. They are snuggly dogs who like to be warm! 

Cash has adored playing with Wager since he first came home, but he wanted nothing to do with having him around when beds and bones came out for TV time in the evening. So, we started with everyone gets chicken on their own bed, then for sharing a bed (see video) and now we are working on everyone gets chicken for chewing on bones next to each other. TV time is already more peaceful! See Susan Garrett’s podcast (link above) for more details. 

Course that I’m taking: Baby Genius with Julie Daniels through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. Part of the fun of having a puppy is trying new approaches to training. This course is aimed at the dog sports community, but it is full of fabulous life lessons for all puppies. 

Word of the month: “Inside“. Such a useful concept and so easy to teach by saying the word every time you walk back into the house with your dog.

Business Updates:

Private Lessons: Are currently available at your home (within a limited service area), at my Franklin Park location (in the office or outdoors in the agility field), or online via Zoom. All scheduling has been moved to Square, so once you are an established client you can schedule (and reschedule if needed) at your convenience.

Agility Classes: Are held outdoors April through October. Please read through the pre-requisites to make sure you and your dog are ready to have fun doing agility together. Please email me to be put on the interested list if you would like to join a class this year. Class schedules will be posted on Facebook.

Obedience Classes: I am offering Intermediate Obedience classes to current and former students. This class is suitable for dogs who have completed the basics and need practice listening around other dogs and people. Non-reactive dogs only, please. Please email to be put on the interested list if you would like to join a class this year.

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