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Dog Agility

Agility is an exciting sport that you and your dog can participate in together. A dog agility course consists of jumps, tunnels, ramps, a see-saw, and slalom poles the dog weaves through. While learning the obstacles, your dog will also learn to work and play with you, staying focused while running fast.

Central New Jersey Agility Classes

There are lots of benefits to doing agility with your dog: It’s great exercise plus an opportunity to learn something new together, build your dog’s confidence, and practice self control in exciting situations. Most of all, it’s just plain fun! You may choose to do agility just for the fun of it or to prepare for competition. Many handlers start agility with no intention of competing, but then the agility bug bites and they are hooked! For this reason, classes are taught so that all teams have a solid foundation for competition.

Introduction to Agility

This class is designed for dogs and handlers who are new to agility. Join us and discover what all the fun is about! We will introduce obstacle skills as well as building your dog’s desire to work and play with you.

Topics Covered

This class can and should be repeated until course goals are met. If you are doing agility for the fun and exercise, you are welcome to stay at this level.

Central New Jersey Agility Classes

(Intro Level II, Pre-Novice, Novice Skills and Drills, Novice/Open, Excellent)

Graduates of the Intro Agility course may progress through a series of classes to greater challenges and to prepare for competition if desired. Dogs must be ready to work off leash. If you have taken classes with another agility program, please contact us to find out what level will be the best fit for you and your dog.

Pre-requisites for all agility classes:

Obedience skills: Your dog must have completed a basic obedience class and should readily sit, lie down, stay for 30 seconds while you are 6 feet away, and come when called when you are in an unfamiliar place. Dogs must also be comfortable hanging out quietly in their crates while waiting their turns. If you need help meeting any of these goals, please send me an email. I’ll be glad to provide some suggestions.

Your dog must be physically able to perform the obstacles: Dogs that have physical problems such as hip or elbow dysplasia, intermittent lameness etc should not do agility. Your dog must also be a good working weight–you must be able to feel their ribs without probing. Please speak to your veterinarian if you have questions about whether agility training is right for your dog. Short nosed breeds such as Pugs and Bulldogs will be better off training just during the cooler months as they can easily overheat during the summer.

Age: Young dogs that meet the obedience requirements above are welcome to participate, but will be limited to lower jumps. Small dogs must be 12 months and large breeds must be 16 months before jumping above elbow height, doing closed weave poles, or climbing full height contact obstacles. Senior dogs must have a veterinarian’s permission.

Attitude: Your dog must be tolerant of other dogs and people. There will not be any doggy playtime or socialization allowed during class; however, the dogs will be working near each other and at times will be off leash, so they must be tolerant of other dogs. If your dog gets over stimulated watching other dogs run and play, you will need one-on-one help to address this before joining class.

General Information

Location: We are in Franklin Township, Somerset County, halfway between Princeton and New Brunswick off Route 27.

Class times: Classes are held on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings and on Tuesday, Wednesday or Sunday mornings from April through November. Intro classes are one hour per week for six weeks. See our class schedule or visit us on Facebook.

Class size: Class sizes are limited so that you will receive lots of one on one attention.
Facility: Classes are held in a fully fenced, 100 x 120 playing field on grass. All equipment is regulation including fully adjustable contact equipment (from MAX 200 and MAD Agility).

Cost: $200 for a 6-week class. There is a discount for continuing students. $100 optional refundable equipment fee, so that you can practice at home.

Dogs: All breeds and mixed breeds welcome. Dogs must be healthy, friendly, and have completed a beginner’s obedience class. See requirements.

Please email to find out when the next session starts.