Anne Macaulay, Ph.D.
ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Functional Medicine Health Coaching

I help people with complex, chronic health challenges get their lives back on track, one step at a time.


Discover what food works best for you.

Sleep Optimization

Figure out what it takes to get a good night’s rest.

Physical Activity

Make movement part of your routine.

Stress Reduction

Let go of the saboteurs that generate your stress.

What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching?

Functional Medicine is often referred to as ‘Root Cause’ medicine. It is a systems biology-based approach that looks at the whole person along with their lifestyle and environment. Getting to the root cause of your health problems is the key to restoring your health. Unlike taking a pill, this approach often requires making big lifestyle changes, and this is where coaching comes in.

Functional Medicine Health Coaching: How it Works

Making changes to your diet, sleep, and exercise habits in order to get your health back on track can seem like a lot. There are so many moving pieces, where should you start? As your coach, I help you find a starting place, develop a plan, and make changes that are manageable and sustainable.

What I Do as Your Coach:

Health Conditions Addressed:

Coaching Scheduling & Rates:

Confidential, one on one, coaching calls take place by Zoom or in person. We meet for 45-60 minutes once a week initially. As you gain momentum, we’ll move to meeting every other week. You will need a quiet, private location with a good internet connection.

Video sessions via Zoom: $75
In Person Sessions, Franklin Park office: $95
Additional travel fees apply within the surrounding area.

*Sliding scale available to those with financial need.

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Anne has exceptional listening skills and problem-solving abilities, which have been a guiding light on my health journey. When I share my concerns and issues, Anne's non-judgmental questions are like a compass, helping me find the right direction. She doesn't sugarcoat things and provides practical, no-nonsense solutions. Anne is the health coach you need if you want someone who truly listens and helps you find the best path to your well-being.


    Belle Mead, NJ

    Working with Anne was the mental reset that I needed to get out of a rut and get started post COVID. I liken our sessions to seeing my golf pro who looks at my swing and helps get me back on track or improves my game in some way. Coaching with Anne is a similar deal.


      South Brunswick, NJ

      Coaching with Anne was perfect for me, as I faced both serious health issues and an enormous amount of change in my life. She was able to draw on both her extensive nutritional expertise and her equally extensive life coaching training. She has helped me create a bag of tools that allow me to get more in touch with my body and what it is trying to tell me, and at the same time to tap into my older wiser self as an always reassuring mentor. I feel more equipped to avoid kneejerk responses to challenges; now, I am more likely to pause and consider a more positive response.


        Flemmington, NJ

        Building new eating and food prep habits really worked! The biggest thing I've noticed is I have stopped snacking ‘just because’, and my appetite isn't even close to what it was. I have continued to lose weight gradually. I've lost 10-11 pounds so far which I'm really happy about. This kind of screening of what I eat is working better for me than anything too structured because I feel I can keep up with it long-term and still take part in events without feeling deprived.


          Lawrenceville, NJ