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Anne's Page

Welcome to my personal web page. This is my space to show off my own dogs and to share my other hobbies.

About Wager

DP's Hit The Trifecta

Wager is Cash’s grandson out of his daughter Leelu (DP’s Fifth Element) who was Best of Opposite Sex at Westminster Kennel Club in 2022. I got to meet Leelu when her owner flew out to stay with me for the big event. Leelu is a pretty girl with a goofy, happy attitude and a real drive to work and play, so I was excited to get one of her puppies. Wager stood out as the boy who made a ton of eye contact and loved his toys, things I like in a working dog. So far he has been a sweet, fun puppy and I’m looking forward to our adventures together!

About Cash

GCH Bayview's One For The Money CD RN JH AX AXJ CA CGC TKN

Cash is Ally’s nephew out of her half sister Ida, but they couldn’t be more different! Ally was petite and light boned and didn’t take anything seriously. Cash is a big boned boy who takes everything seriously—I want it NOW! is his motto in life. He lives for tennis balls, killing the hose, and doing laps at full speed around the field.

Cash finished his breed championship at 16 months taking Best of Breed three times and a fourth place in the Sporting Group. He has traveled all around the country as a show dog with his co-owner Britt and took me on the ride of a lifetime to the Westminster Kennel Club.

Cash is a fabulous agility buddy who loves the sport as intensely as I do and does his darndest to figure out where I want him to go! He’s also happy to play in any sport he’s shown and has competed in obedience (taking the second highest score at Vizsla Nationals in 2021), lure coursing and hunt tests.

About Ranger

Our house was feeling very empty without a Rottweiler and Ranger was feeling lost without a home, so he came home with us from the animal shelter in January, 2013. Ranger was a very happy, lovey boy who reminded me of the “Dog’s Daily Diary” joke: A walk: my favorite thing! A toy: my favorite thing! A cookie: my favorite thing! Everything he did, he did with great enthusiasm, including quickly proving that old dogs can learn new tricks. He always seemed proud of himself when he would sit at warp speed or throw himself to the ground when asked to lie down.

About Ally

CH MACH Brittania’s Alysheba CGC, XF, CD

Ally was my first Vizsla after falling in love with the breed when I worked for a training and exercise service in California. Ally finished her breed and agility championships, but she loved obedience best and wanted to do more of it! Ally should have been cloned as she was the dog everyone is looking for: sweet, quiet, loved everyone, loved a good run but was just as happy to nap in the kitchen. Since she was such a sweet, easy girl, we had to work hard to find her inner speed demon. She proved her toughness by making it into the finals of the Iron Dog competition at Vizsla Nationals in 2015. You can read about Ally’s puppyhood in the Summer 2009 newsletter.

About Flash

MACH Prime Time Flash Von Hobson OF, RA

Flash was my constant companion for 9 ½ short years. He was very much my heart dog and I had a number of students tell me that their goal in training was to have a dog who looked at them the way that Flash looked at me. We had an incredible bond both competing and in every day life.

Flash spent many years supervising my classes from his ex-pen, always ready to jump up at a moments notice to demonstrate an exercise. When we competed in agility, I was always honored to have people I had never met come up to tell me they loved watching him. That he was such an honest dog with such a big heart. He was frequently ranked in the top ten Rottweilers for agility and rally obedience.

About Lexi

High Hills Quest for Lexi AXP, AJP, CGC

Lexi retired from agility competition after finishing her Excellent level titles. Professionally, she spent many years helping me rehabilitate aggressive dogs and she always enjoyed this work, but at heart she was a homebody. Lexi considered her most important job to be patrolling the property for rabbits and groundhogs.

About Sadie

Sadie was my first dog as an adult. She grew up in a crazy college house with ten roommates, came to all my classes and slept through more physics lectures than I did. She also accompanied me on solo camping trips across the country. Sadie was one tough puppy who fostered my interest in dog training and grew up to be the dog of a lifetime.

About Pied Piper

As a teenager, I succeeded in talking my mom into a Dalmatian puppy. Pied was the first dog I trained (previously my subjects were horses and bantam chickens!). At first we didn’t realize that he was deaf and we just thought he was stubborn. Once we realized that he couldn’t hear, I focused on teaching him hand signals and he turned out to be a very good student. Sadly, he died under anesthesia at a young age.

My Gardens

I have several gardens: a securely fenced fortress for the vegetables, a high maintenance perennial garden along the side of the house, and a large butterfly garden full of deer resistant flowers. The vegetable garden provides lots of fresh tomatoes, raspberries, and green beans a well as unusual vegetables and herbs for cooking such as Thai basil, lemongrass, tomatillos, and all kinds of hot chiles.

The perennial garden is located close to the house and gets lots of TLC. It currently features delphiniums, roses, clematis, heucheras, and perennial geraniums.

The butterfly garden is a collection of drought resistant plants that survive despite our local deer, rabbits, and groundhogs. It is meant to be a low maintenance garden, but I’m not sure such a garden exists! I inherited a giant “Nanho Blue” butterfly bush with the house and was awed by the huge numbers of butterflies that it attracts. I’ve planted salvias, agastache, tithonia and other butterfly favorites to draw even more of these beauties to our yard.

*What do all these letters mean? Please see the AKC website for a list of title abbreviations.