Anne Macaulay, Ph.D.
ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Gluten and Dairy-Free Pumpkin Custard

I’m grateful that I spent years reading cookbooks long before I had to amend my diet. Now I’m quite good at creating things that work for both my health and my taste buds!

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 convection (it will take slightly longer to cook in a conventional oven).
  2. Grease one 8″ soufflé dish or 8 half cup ramekins with coconut oil.
  3. Combine all ingredients except coconut oil in a blender and blend until fully combined, scraping down sides if necessary.
  4. Transfer to baking dishes and bake until a knife inserted in the middle comes out with crumbs, but not wet, 25-35 minutes for ramekins, 75 minutes for soufflé dish.
  5. Let cool on a wire rack. Serve chilled or at room temperature. Be sure to refrigerate any leftovers.
  6. Note: if you are watching your sugar intake, this recipe works fine with much less sugar. I use 1/2 cup if I’m making it for guests but 1/4 cup or less if I’m making it for myself. Stevia would also work fine here.

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