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10 Uses for Leave-It

I got lots of nice feedback from those of you who enjoyed the 10 uses for a sit stay article, so here are some thoughts on places I use “Leave-It”:

  1. Worst case scenario: dropped a whole bottle of ibuprofen on the floor. Looks like candy…
  2. Goose poop!
  3. Sniffing crotches
  4. Hors d’oeuvres on a coffee table
  5. Steak I didn’t plan on dropping on the kitchen floor
  6. Tissue I didn’t plan on dropping on the bedroom floor
  7. Rabbits, deer, squirrels, ground hogs…
  8. Standing water I don’t want my dogs drinking
  9. Laundry that hasn’t yet made it into the hamper (socks and underwear are Ally’s favorites).
  10. A ball that is stuck under furniture where no one can reach it

Please note that if you only practice Leave-it with treats, it will only work with treats; so be sure to practice with socks, empty containers, nasty things that you

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