Anne Macaulay, Ph.D.
ADAPT Certified Functional Health Coach
National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Turkey Sausage with Rosemary and Sage: Paleo, Low FODMAP, AIP compliant

My clients love this recipe! Delicious for breakfast with some greens and eggs or the cold cooked sausage patties are delicious on the go. The last few times I’ve flown, I’ve brought two leftover patties, two hard boiled eggs, and some fruit for my on-the-go breakfast.

Combine all ingredients. Oil your hands with a little olive oil and form 8 patties. Let sit for an hour before cooking so the flavors can meld. Or freeze until ready to use.

If you don’t grow rosemary and sage, this is a good excuse to do so! Both will grow happily in containers in full sun or in the flower or vegetable garden and will not be bothered by deer or pests. Sage will survive most winters. Rosemary you will probably have to buy again next spring. Either way, growing your own is cheaper than buying little packets of fresh herbs from the grocery store!

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